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Why Entrepreneurs Need Mobile Apps?

With around 1 billion smartphones in the world right now, consumers are spending more time with mobile apps than with their personal computers. Entrepreneurs are starting to understand that having a Facebook page or an online blog is not enough anymore, and they need to figure out more convenient and faster ways to interact with their target market. Let’s explore some of the core reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs need mobile apps to promote and expand their business.

1. Increased visibility to customers

Statistics show that an American on average spends more than two hours a day on his or her mobile phone. A mobile app being “in the way” of scrolling down the app list makes a better chance to catch the customers eye.

2. Create a direct marketing channel

Apps provide a number of functions and features such as searching, prices, booking forms, user accounts, news feeds, messengers and much more. One of the major benefits businesses capture is the convenience of their deals and promotions campaigns that pop right at the fingertips of users. The push notification feature enables you to get even closer in user interaction displaying an experience of real interaction with the user.

3. Build brand recognition

A nicely developed mobile app contributes largely to your brand awareness. The term “brand recognition” is a combination of two onto which the company can work uniquely.

  • Brand. Creating a mobile app can also be something “out of the blue”. You can design it stylish, colorful, groovy, shocking, informative, etc. as you desire. But what you really what is your app to fulfil your customer’s needs and at the same time look attractive in its UI and UX features.
  • Recognition. The more often your app will interact with the customer, the sooner they will finalize their decision to purchase you product or service. In advertising sciences this is termed as “effective frequency”—where hearing or seeing your brand around 20 times is what that will get it actual notice.

4. Improved customer engagement

Does not matter if you are selling hotdogs on road, or Jacuzzi services in a salon, you need a medium to let your customers reach you. Having an instant messaging or “How may I help you?” feature in your app will help greatly in interacting with customers. Take OpenTable for example, their whole business model is built on this philosophy. You don’t need to book a table via call. Instead you can book within five clicks on their platform.

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