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3 Ways How Mobile Game Apps Are Making The World Make a Better Place.

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What’s not to love about mobile games? They’re easy, fun and sometimes free (at first, anyway). But the same traits that make them lovable also make them addicting. Find a smartphone without any game app installed in it, it’s almost impossible. The days of reading a book or magazine to pass time while travelling are slipping away from us.

Let’s talk about how the obsession of mobile games has heightened amongst the user especially in 18 to 24 year old demographics.


Why are Mobile Game Apps so addictive?

With the continuous technological advancements, there have been substantial changes in people’s demand and life style. Almost everything we use has been innovated to better standards and increased attraction. We all have zoned into phases of spending hours we should otherwise be spending doing laundry, catching up on paper work or even sleeping. How can you make sure your mobile game is that riveting? The answer is part mobile UI design, part psychology. Analyze the depths of the human mind to find what makes people interact with their devices in the way that they do. Players usually enjoy games that are easy to learn, but hard to master, have a story interesting enough to keep them motivated to see what happens next, and inspire hunger for rewards. Learn how to polish off great UI/UX designs, we feel that getting into the brains of users — and in this case, players — is an important part of delivering an experience they want to  experience !


  1. How the gaming addiction may make you smarter

Contradictory to the motherly calls like ‘getting off the couch and do something productive!’, mobile games have actually proven to have psychological and physical benefits.
Perhaps it’s a little more difficult to accept that mobile gaming is helping people stay healthy. A research conducted by the German researchers’ shows that people who play games for 30 minutes a day gained positive impacts on brain including memory formation, fine motor skills, spatial navigation, strategic planning and quicker wits. All these areas positively affect the brain.


  1. Playing games keep aging minds young

You can eat well and work out to keep your body physically fit, but what about your mental acuity? One needs to exercise his mind to perform well in life by keeping the brain active in any way you can. Playing brain-teasing game may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural aging process, according to a study this year from the University of Iowa. “Whenever you do anything that requires mental energy, you’re exercising your abilities — it’s just like if you exercise your muscles, you get stronger.”


  1. Helps treat depression

Suffering from depression or stress is one of the major obstacles in life and everybody looks for something to divert the mind with. Having a game app already installed in your phone automatically makes a person open it and start playing allowing the user to forget the ongoing discomfort and focus on the game.  “Gaming is the neurological opposite of depression,” says author and well-known gamer Jane McGonigal. Developers have already designed games to treat mental health problems. Sparx, for example, is a role-playing game that helps promote positive affirmations through the interactions players have within the game. It’s nice to take a quick mental break, especially when video games have proven effective in reducing anxiety keeping people busy yet happy. With this, the developers around the world are working to offer games that are for in the best interest of the society and nature.


Investing in developing a Mobile Game App

It shouldn’t surprise you now that mobile gaming is garnering the investment of big companies like Flipkart. A fresh research states that the mobile gaming market has grown and earned billions in a year. The global mobile games market will grow 27.3% annually to result in double growth in 2017. So to conclude, huge business opportunity is awaiting the mobile game publishers who are willing to jump and capitalize the interest of people in mobile gaming. It is the right time for many Android and iOS game developers to convert their ideas into a popular mobile game business and boom the gaming market all over the world.

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