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Group Chat Sticker – Instagram Story

Group Chat Sticker

Instagram Story Stickers

Since taking over, Instagram has introduced stories for keeping up to date with following/followers & there whereabouts. Celebrities & users find it easier to share whats happening on Instagram Story rather than feed posts for every little thing. There are a bunch of already introduced stickers from Instagram, and the newest mate to them is group chat sticker. Some previous introductions are polls, question boxes, mentions, locations, hashtags, and countdowns.

Instagram has been trying hard to cope up with competitors such as Snapchat and there is no denying that Snapchat is innovation & only one of its kind. However, Instagram positions itself to keep adding features and The addition of another feature-full sticker lets you select from a range of options. According to Instagram, this will be a solution for people who want to have big discussion. Making plans & communicate with pictures is also an option always.

For influencers, it might get unwieldy if they opt to have a group discussion with fans. Either they will have to limit the number of fans allowed or to not do it. No one likes to be left out of an opportunity to connect with their ideals.

Moreover, the one who posts the story with the sticker has the right to choose the participants. The people who are part of the group chat can leave anytime.

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