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Top 2D/3D Mobile Game App Development Trends Set to Drive the Future

The world of mobile and gaming technology is evolving quicker than we could think of. One of the most potent examples is the mobile apps of 2D/3D games and the trends we have here to watch their growth. Those sleepy and boring 2D games are a thing of the past now. Apart from 3D games, the 2D games today too offer high-end and extremely engaging graphics and animations, for instance, Angry Birds.
Whether you are a business requiring a gaming app or are a developer yourself, it is quite vital for you to be familiar with the current and emerging trends in this industry. So let’s explore the hottest trends of mobile gaming apps which developers need to work on at full-throttle.

1. The concept for Virtual Reality (VR) has just started

The fact may come as a surprise that 3D movies actually existed around 100 years back too. But that specific technology was not invested upon due to the hugely high costs to incur. While only recently we have started to experience the development and more refined presentation of 3D technology than ever before.

Today the highly interactive and exceptionally advanced graphics of smartphones makes us feel as if watching a 3D movie. Further the gaming industry is welcoming the thorough usage of Virtual Reality, a trend which is likely to capitalize on improved hardware and software applications.

2. Multi-screen gaming

With the ever increasing numbers of smartphone users globally, the gaming business has registered the need for a secondary gaming device for gamers. For instance, Wii U Gamepad has proven to be a great use acting as a secondary screen.

Another top app “SmartGlass” is there for a number of smartphones and tablets which enables multi-screen gaming by connecting your phone with an Xbox console. The splitting of screens surely elevates the user-experience to the next level.

3. Here comes the world of Augmented Reality (AR)

Consider the thought: you are playing a shooting game with a feature that allows you to shift the phone’s position and shoot at an object in the actual reality around you. Seems quite unbelievable and exciting, right? Well this is just a sprinkle of idea what Augmented Reality has actually in store for us. Also a quite promising trend which is ought to capture both 2D and 3D mobile game apps in the coming years.

4. Apple Watch is coming big and fast

It is true there are not many gaming apps designed to run on Apple’s wearables at the moment. But many experts have predicted the trend is soon to gain momentum where a large number of mobile apps will start pouring in the market to use them right above your wrist.

5. Open source development

Take it simple: count the free apps against the premium apps on both iOS and Android and you will catch the number immensely in favor of the free ones which registers maximum downloads. There is no denying the trend is to stay strong for many years to come and be a consistent platform of opportunities for up and coming developers and businesses.

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