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Beyond Pokémon Go: 6 Other Augmented-Reality Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

The presence of augmented-reality (AR) apps and games created by experienced developers have been around for years, but the emergence of Pokémon Go engraved the popularity of this genre in mobile apps for sure. The paramount figures in millions of downloads shows the evidence for the game’s global recognition. Even less-than-average gamers are aware of the fact the digital world is heavily ruled by CGI and other breathtaking technologies.

Does not matter if you have been a hardcore player of Pokémon Go or just a casual one, but besides picking cute little monsters across the roadside, there are other top augmented-reality apps you need to try today.

1. Ingress

Before the concept of Pokémon Go, there was Ingress. This multi-player, location- and team-based game arises from the same development company Niantic, and laid the founding ideas for monster hunting games. Ingress presents an ongoing battle between two factions who compete to muster control of the buildings and structure around you.

This interactive game follows the same physical dynamics as Pokémon Go, but is mostly preferred by those who love a deeper darker story plot.

2. Google Translate

Not strictly an augmented-reality concept, but Google Translate employs a solid AR feature that will transform any language into the language of your choice right on your device’s screen.

The magic lies in selecting the camera icon rather than typing the text in the translate window. The camera will capture text you want to translate between the brackets. The translated text on the screen will then change eligibly. The app works fine with even a dense looking text and can come as a great help whenever needed.

This Google’s app is built-in installed in a number of Android gadgets, but you can always download the iOS version on your iPhone.

3. Inkhunter

Fancying a tattoo to engrave on your arm you have desired for so long? The idea may seem attractive, but how it would actually look on your body is still somewhat unclear to you. So how about using an app that can help with you with that? Yes, Inkhunter allows you to try virtual tattoos by using augmented-reality.

The app contains a plethora of pre-set tattoo designs available in a gallery, but you can always create a customized design in real time and view it from various angles. Inkhunter will smartly place the tattoo on your hand or any other body part by using your phone’s camera.

4. Star Chart

Mobile apps have elevated their usage to the extent of changing the way we look up in the sky and spot stars. Star Chart is an augmented-reality instilled app that will change the view you look up in interstellar space.

The app will detect your location through GPS and then display constellations and star names as you roam the mobile up to the sky. So it’s time you clear your confusion if the bright object you have been watching since childhood is a star or the planet Neptune!

Star Chart can work well with any powerful Android device or an iPhone, but it’s always better to see the wonders of nature on the big screen of tablets.

5. SpecTrek

This augmented-reality ghost hunting game is specifically designed for Android lovers. The app will take you out to wander freely just like Pokémon Go.

Only this time you will be catching ghosts rather than those cute and mischievous-looking monsters. A map will direct you to the location of white floating figures. Hold up your phone and discover a haunted world full of ghosts. SpecTrek may not be as engaging as Ingress or Pokémon Go, but its own spooky and fun-filled world still has enough attraction to tempt you go out and hunt for ghosts.

6. Quiver

How about bringing some colorful and artistic experience to the realm of AR apps? Quiver—a coloring-book pages app allows you to decorate pages with endless imagination and then use this app to watch the figures and colors come to life.

The most interesting aspect of this app is the perfect blend of state of the art augmented-reality technology with the traditional coloring-book. Quiver presents a number of free coloring pages such as a cute cow, a farm, a fire truck, and more. Several premium packs can also be purchased to enjoy Quiver at its fullest.

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