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Some Misconceptions Small Businesses have about using Mobile Apps

As more and more businesses are moving towards web- and mobile-based customer engagement, there are still a number of businesses who have not opted this approach yet. Today mobile app industry is one of the most effective mediums used for customer interaction and retention and other marketing activities. However, let’s figure the things that still holds back some firms in using mobile app platform for their business.

1. Hard and complicated

Investing in development of mobile apps is not an easy task and requires developers of the top scale in the market. What businesses don’t realize is the fact that technology has changed and developing a mobile app is relatively simple. A programmer or developer with sound knowledge of Java is applicable enough to develop a corporate mobile app.

2. Irrelevancy

Some businesses think they are playing quite well with their customers in terms of brand awareness and engagement, and does not see any need to invest further time and money in app development. They believe that introduction of mobile apps in their marketing and advertising efforts would not bring any additional business to them. In fact, if you do not have a well-designed app or even a mobile optimized website, then a considerable portion of revenue is passing by you unnoticed.

3. Enough social media presence already

Small businesses mistakenly believes that having a Facebook and Twitter page with huge number of followers is doing well to reach out your customers. However, the case is not entirely scalable, as Facebook filters out some posts from business and fan pages making your followers to see only a limited amount of your posts in their news feed. As with Twitter, there is a high chance your post will get lost within a large number of posts people go through each day. On the other hand, push notifications in a mobile app happens to appear directly on the mobile screen which will be hard for you to miss.

4. Not enough functionality

Another misconception is that mobile apps do not contain enough information or does not provide something extra. In fact, the in-depth and vast functionality of mobile apps allows customers to interact freely with company at all times. For instance, you can message specific customers based on interests and location, answer their queries and complaints instantly, reward loyalty and incentives programs, coupons, special discounts and limited offers, etc.

5. Time-consuming

Mobile apps are essentially designed keeping the time-consumption factor in mind. Day to day small operations like updating your content, data management, helping customers with their problems and providing solutions, are kept in strict check. For example, restaurant businesses can develop their mobile apps that allows instant booking or reservation of a table, rather than having the customers to call and keep waiting as to which slot will be available.

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