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Make money through your smartphone app idea

Go back 20 years from now. Can you imagine a world where you could watch a movie, play games, video chat with a friend, navigate from point A to B without getting lost or send an email to hundreds of people in just one click – probably not. No one had imagined we would be living in a world like this, people, staring at their phone screens, this is what productivity looks like in our present-day world. So, why have smartphones become so popular across the globe. Let’s look at some of the reasons below

Computing power:

Smartphones can be considered mini-computers, most flagship and mid-range smartphones are capable of running high-processing computing tasks just like a normal computer would. Therefore, just like your PC at home can run a video chatting software, open word processing files, lets you watch videos and images, so can smartphones. The only difference is that smartphone processors are smaller, and the more powerful smartphones often cost as much as high-end laptops. Nonetheless, people are willing to spend more on purchasing a smartphone than they would on a laptop or a desktop due to its portability and convenience of carrying it with you wherever you go.

Wireless internet connection:

Smartphones not only fit into the palm of your hand, but can connect to 3g and 4g networks in most metropolitan areas across the globe. Users can surf the internet on the go, and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues across the globe. What’s more, with the advent of Android smartphones, anyone can afford a smartphone, Android handsets can range from as little as 30 dollars to 1000 dollars, it all depends on its specs. Nonetheless, through millions of smartphone apps on the Play store, there’s an app available for everything.

Smartphone apps and convenience:

One of the best features of an Android smartphone app is the wide availability of apps, these apps are developed for a variety of reasons, they can range in categories such as health care, productivity, security, games and business. In fact, people Create android app just to make money from them. Either they can sell the apps for a fixed price or display adverts inside of them.

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