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5 Must Watch Mobile Gaming Trends in 2016

With new technologies and gaming environments emerging, it is no surprise you get to see a new game in your mobile’s play list every day or some big titles to come in near future. Game designs and development trends are constantly changing. Mobile game development is coming out faster and faster each day, and it becomes unsure as to which trend will lead the line. See the latest trends we expect to see in 2016 and upcoming years.

Simultaneous game play

An emerging trend where you can play a game on your mobile along with the same game in desktop that has the same app installed. This trend is catching fast in new mobile bingo sites. Mobile experience gives you convenience and portability, however, desktop provides a much bigger screen size.

Mini games

Mini games also termed as snackable games, are presented across various social media sites and apps. These games are offered for the purpose of engaging traffic and visitors. No additional installations or setups are required, as these games are easily integrated in social media sites and promotes competition among visitors. Mini games are often taken as friendly distractions to offer rich web experience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets are constantly making the news nowadays. The recent introduction of Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift as virtual reality headsets have impacted the gaming world and apps largely. In 2016, it is very likely we get to see more and more games to be introduced under VR platforms. The immersive experience is also enjoyed by even a non-gamer. It is inevitable VR will continue to grow and create new opportunities in the gaming world as the most sought after device.

3D Touch

3D touch is the latest trend and one of the most innovative feature incorporated in mobile gaming having the definite potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Being more than just a feature, 3D touch completely changes how you interact with your mobile or any other tech gadget. Difference between tapping, swiping and hard pressing will go much further and create a whole new gaming experience. The thought of applying this technology in countless number of mobile games is never ending and mind boggling.

The battle of high and rich graphics

The battle of gaming graphics between PCs and gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo has been intense over the last decade. But due to the advancements in mobile gaming, mobile devices have stepped in to challenge these traditional contenders. Robust mobile CPU and GPU have more than extraordinary features and trends to set in mobile gaming future. Their high quality graphics and transitions are out to match even the elite of consoles and PCs.

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