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How to come up with a great smartphone idea

Currently, the world is filled with nearly 2 billion smartphones. This number is going up every day because people can’t get enough of what smartphones have provided us, capabilities and functionalities to be specific. What’s inside these smartphone is what matter most, and yes we are talking about apps. The apps inside your smartphone are responsible for simplifying everyday tasks and making life generally easier.

Most importantly, apps have made people money and many have become rich because of a hit app idea. So, how do people come up with a money-making app idea? Let’s look at some basic principles that have been followed by successful app developers.

Don’t chase the money:

Your idea should not be focused on money; it should be focused on the concept. Try to come up with an idea that solves a problem or provides hours of entertainment. Make sure that your app runs great, is free of any bugs and has an appealing user-interface.

Improve an existing concept:

There are plenty of good apps out there, but may have a terrible user-interface and may contain several bugs. In a nutshell, the idea may be great, but their functionality is likely to be horrible. Use this weakness to your advantage, you can have a clone app developed that could be better in every way. From an end-user perspective, you can have an app developed from an Android App Development Company that would make sure your app is developed bug-free and meets your expectations.

Conduct a brainstorming session and surveys:

Get along with your friends, family and colleagues. Start picking their brains, ask them what they would like in a smartphone app. I could be that they might have the same concept as you, in that case your idea could be a hit. Furthermore, a sure-fire way to make sure your idea is a hit is to conduct a survey. Ask your survey group open ended questions. Such as do you struggle with time management? If so, would you like to see an app that helps you become better at managing your time? Surveys can reveal a lot about what people will think about your app. Although, you need to make sure the people are within the demographic group. For example, if you are developing an Android game, you need to make sure you target Android users who may be between the ages of 12 to 28 years old.

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