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How to Choose the Best Software for Initial Level of Mobile Game Development

Choosing a nice software for mobile game development is one of the other important considerations you need to be aware of before stepping in the market as a pro game developer. Defining the concept of your game and using a solid understanding of a programming language is essential, then comes the part of choosing the right platform for development. Let’s see how developers can choose the exact software they need to develop their first mobile game.

Choose Your Software

Before you start creating the game of your dream, you need to decide which software package you have opted to choose. Unity is a powerful game engine used to create both interactive 2D and 3D games. This platform is used as a leading choice among developers and have a plethora of great tools to develop highly engaging graphics. The engine is free of cost to use, until your is ready to enlist in the market. Another common platform is Unreal Development Kit (UDK) supported by Unreal Engine.

Developers are required to choose different applications to create a library for their assets depending whether to develop a 2D or a 3D game. For instance, if you have a 2D game concept then it would be best implemented on Photoshop for creating graphics and transitions, while softwares such as Maya and 3ds Max are most likely used to cater 3D game development.

There is enough flexibility in game development to bring your concept into reality. If you are a newcomer to programming or have never even read a code, then GameSalad—a 2D mobile gaming platform can be easily acquired to bring your game into life. Without asking any coding knowledge to implement, GameSalad uses a more logical behavior-based system.

Think about it as a self-explanatory drag-and-drop sort of guidance for development. Obviously one has to go through a learning phase at the initial stage, but you won’t be making some highly complex open-world games anytime soon. The prowess and simplicity of the engine has attracted a large number of developers around the globe to kick start their career and gain practical knowledge of the gaming industry. GameSalad is also efficient enough to transport your games into Android, Windows8 and Apple phones with relevant ease. It is especially popular among solo developers who work without any team involvement.

Do note the fact is equally important that inevitably you have to gain grounds in bigger platforms like Unity for coding stuff if you are to create high graphics games.

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