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Some Basic Tips for Starters Interested in Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development has travelled a long way from the old snake game we used to play to the current games involving a vast landscape where you have to defend your territory from hostile forces, rip off zombies in 3D, or use slingshot to toss birds. Almost every smartphone user today is heavily indulged in playing highly interactive and engaging mobile games. It doesn’t come to surprise how the mobile gaming industry has gotten so much advanced within a short span of time. So let’s explore some basic mobile game development tips starters need to know to create their first game.

1. What is your game?

The key is to select an art style unique enough to make the game easily recognizable and memorized in our memories. Take the famous Angry Birds for example, anyone playing even a couple of meters in front of you will make you instantly catch which game it is. Every details ranging from sound effects to game dynamics to the art design contributes to the features which makes people recognize a game in no time. Today there are countless number of games available in the market for free, just count how many games do you remember on your fingertips based on their aesthetics and interface.

Obviously if you are going to lay your hands on your first game, then start slow by designing a game you already know well. For example, you might have a thing for those crazy puzzle games. The games should be those you are well-aware of. Figure out what features attracts you the most about them. What improvement would you wish to see? Answering these questions will help you eventually in developing an even bigger puzzle game with your own unique style and design.

2. Learn a programming language

Even if you are opting to go as simple as starting from GameSalad for your first mobile game, then also it is extremely valuable for you to learn a programming language. Remember the coding stuff do comes along at some point in development! The fact is easy, the more complex and interactive a mobile game you want to develop, the more important a programming language will become to learn.

Start with C#—an object-oriented programming language targeting beginners which is quite easy to understand and practice. C# is a popular programming language used extensively by Unity developers. You can always find easy tutorials online and be able to grasp the language and get ready to type some codes.

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