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5 Fundamentals to avoid mobile app abandonment -

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5 Fundamentals to avoid mobile app abandonment

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How fancy it is to have a mobile app for your business startup? Since it’s undoubtedly the most common trend of this era, you’re at least trying not to lag behind, which is great! But don’t you fear seeing your app among those apps you’d tend to avoid downloading  from app store or play store or uninstalling right after downloading? Would this mean that investing in creating a mobile app idea that you believed in was meaningless? Of course, not. Have a look at how many apps are boosting their businesses. One of the core reasons for not being so successful with your app could be  the way you are managing or marketing your app.

Yes, your work doesn’t simply stop after developing an app and making it available in app stores. It only gets you started for the big game you’re intending to play.
To beat app abandonment, you first need to understand the common and major reasons why people might abandon your app:


  1. Poor On-boarding experience

User on-boarding experience is the first impression that the user receives after installing the mobile app. In order to get your audience well-acquainted with the application and keep their attention, the tutorial or guide has to be user-friendly and very well demonstrated. You should also make sure that your developer is aware of the common mistakes such as forgetting to provide your user with a ‘skip’ button or displaying the ‘sign-up’ option  as soon as they open your app and the continual optimization of the app from time to time.


  1. Inconvenient or complex user experience

If the user spends too much time to figure out the features that apps offer or whether the app is capable to meet his problems, he probably won’t return soon. Understand what user wants to find and help him do so. Schedule interviews with user and ask them questions to understand their purpose and goals. Combine this with the data from your analytics tools to better understand their behavior.


  1. Not reminding the existence of your app

Haven’t you ever forgotten about the app you had once installed some time ago? And ultimately deleted it after realizing its uselessness. Beware of that! You need to build habits, form bonds, and cement your product in people’s minds which can help improve customer engagement. How to achieve that:
-Use Push notifications
-Use In-app messages
-Redirect mobile traffic to your app
-Include banner on you website to download your app


  1. Privacy or Security Issues

Privacy invasion is one of the major drawbacks among users for using an app. Users might be reluctant of granting too many questionable in-app permissions.  Even though user do realize the requirement of some personal information and in-app permissions, developers should still carefully plan the privacy requirements of their apps by keeping away from unnecessary or irrelevant in-app permission requests and sticking to the ones actually needed by your product in order to function. Hence,  making users feel comfortable about using your app.


  1. Technical bugs

A neat and smooth app is the most attractive app. Therefore, a simple crash or the flood of Ads might break a sale. To prevent this from happening, focus on the quality assurance before the app is published in the first place. However, technical flaws tend to always exist, and it would be unfair to blame your team for occasionally allowing them to happen. Closely monitoring your app even after its launch is critical. You can also ask customers to submit potential errors, regular feedbacks, ratings and immediately fix the errors.

In Conclusion
The satisfaction of your user should be your ultimate goal. Download don’t equal value (especially if all those downloads end up leaving.) Content and active users are the key to success. So, start evaluating your analytics by tracking your data. Issues can be easily fixed if you have the right information.

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