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5 Core Benefits of using Android App Development for your Business

Currently, market is saturated with a number of different mobile platforms and phones that play a significant role in the success of any business. Among many competitors, Android is one of the most popular and widely used platform along with iOS, that secures its place in operating systems (OS) of many mobile devices. Android app development is a field where developers are finding it increasingly competitive to match the pace of current corporate environment. However, despite the popularity of Android’s apps, there are still some businesses out there not aware of the benefits it has to offer.

1. Open source

Android platform offer open-source benefits from royalty fee, licensing, and the best technology framework. The architecture of software development kit (SDK) is open-source which enables you to interact with the development community for upcoming expansions and updates of app development. This feature is what attracts the handset manufacturers and wireless operators, which results in faster development of Android-based phones. Hence, the market of Android app development compels the developer to work and earn thick.

2. High returns on low investment

The best fact about android platform is that it is open-source and has a low barrier to entry. SDK of Android is free to use for developers which reduces the development and licensing costs. The development costs is normally divided into three stages:

  • Stage 1—application development
  • Stage 2—testing
  • Stage 3—hardware cost of testing and deployment of the developed mobile app

3. Easy integration

More often we require a simple app for our mobile, whereas, in other case a complex technically customized app for some specific business need. For both the cases, the android platform is best for you. The complete platform is customizable! This gives you the freedom to integrate and tweak any mobile app suiting your business requirements.

4. Easy to adopt

Android apps are developed in Java, which is one of the best and most trusted language used to create apps globally. Therefore, anyone with the practical knowledge of Java can develop android apps. As per a recent survey, many Java programmers and developers prefer to work on android mobile apps due to the easy scripting and coding of Android OS.

5. Multiple sales channels

Android allows you to sell your apps via many channels without restricting to rely on a single market for distribution. Unlike other platforms, Android apps can be deployed in a number of ways. You can use third-party marketplace, create your own sales and distribution channel, and even place on your website.

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