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4 Top Marketing Strategies a Newly Created Mobile App Needs for Your Business

Today mobile apps have surpassed desktop apps in terms of usage and popularity. Even after such success, mobile apps can gravely fail if not marketed through well-thought campaigns. The success of any app goes hand-in-hand with the app’s technical performance and the marketing strategy implemented to get it across to its intended target market. So let’s explore how a newly created mobile app can run well with these potent marketing strategies your business needs today.

1. Devise a well-versed strategy

A well-planned strategy is prepared quite some time before the app is dated to go live. The strategy will include the pricing, which category your app lies in, what are your marketing plans, and other important details. Take time to understand your target market as thoroughly as you can before launch. Remember the eventual success or failure of your app rests on your customers as they are the one to decide whether the app is relevant to their needs or not. Running together with marketing strategy, are the right keywords you need that describes the nature or functionalities of your app and how visibility could be attained through them. For instance, the keyword “white linen cloth” is better rather than using general terms such as “cloth” or “linen cloth”.

2. Select the right name

How much the superior an app might be, but the name is the first thing that attracts customers and largely influences the app’s success or downfall. Come up with a name that is unique, catchy and easily memorable. Also see if the name could easily with in with the keywords as it would elevate the visibility factor in the app stores.

3. The right icon

After the category has been selected, the app should be labeled with the right icon. The icon may seem a tiny graphic, but it reads out loud the overall purpose of the app, is among the first things that customers interact with, and gives them a general idea what they are going to get after running it. The icon should be good enough to stand apart from its competitors in the customers search area or display page. This enables the app to get recognized easily which in turn enhances its chances of downloads and usage.

4. Add the exact screenshots

How creatively you market the app will tempt your customers to acquire it. In other words, once a user has reached your app’s download page, it should take a great deal of effort to convince them it is the app they need right away. The effort is best invested by adding highly engaging and descriptive screenshots that makes the user correctly expect what they will get after downloading it. The screenshots should be thickly populated with information displaying some of the best and most sought-after features the app offers, thus, easing the user in his/her decision making process for purchase.

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